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Before arriving in Spain, as I am sure many of you know, details on what I would actually be doing this year were somewhat foggy. I knew I’d be working in a school in Alcalá de Henares, a suburb of Madrid. But that was about it.

I just finished my first week at Colegio Iplacea and now have a much better idea of what my job is. I work primarily in 5th grade English and science classes. I also have a couple of 4th grade science classes and preschool English. All these classes are taught primarily in English. The only time the teachers speak Spanish is when they need to clarify something, especially in science class.

In each of these classes I am the teacher’s assistant. I correct pronunciation, lead certain activities and generally encourage the kids to practice their English. The kids technically aren’t supposed to know that I speak Spanish which is funny because I have to pretend like I can’t understand them.

As I’ve quickly learned, Spanish schools are very different from American schools. The average American public school seems like military school compared to the zoo of a school I work in. It’s constant madness.  The kids get up and walk around the classroom during class, talk constantly, throw punches in the halls and basically do whatever they want. It’s definitely going to take a certain amount of getting used to.

I’m only there Monday-Thursday from 9 to 2, so it’s a pretty easy gig and I get to enjoy tons of time in my amazing city. Today marks the start of my extra long-weekend. No school Monday or Tuesday because it’s Cervantes’ birthday and Alcalá happens to be his hometown.


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